Tea training classes

2020-02-17 12:42

BUBBLE TEA, SNOW FLUFF& COFFEE HANDSON TRAINING CLASS. Come join us for our Bubble Tea, Snow Fluff& Coffee Handson Training Class! We want you to succeed with your bubble tea business venture and attending bubble (boba tea) training is a great way to start off.This program offers World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) recognized culinary education certification. WACS is a World Chefs body consisting of 10 million chefs and the Dilmah School of Tea is the first and only WACS certified Tea School. tea training classes

March Classes Registration runs January 29 through February 25. Session is open March 4 through March 31. SAVE with Early Bird Pricing! 35. 00 off all World Tea Academy classes through February 18

Boba Tea Direct offers a twoday Bubble Tea Classroom with HandsOn Training. Boba Tea training comes with a special 300 gift certificate to be awarded upon completion of the course and upon payment of the full web price. Education for any business interested in profiting from tea. tea training classes Recognized throughout the world, the International Tea Masters Association is the Gold Standard in tea education. It was founded in 2007 to provide Mastery Level training, education, and professional certification to individuals desiring to become an ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier, an ITMA Certified Tea Blender, an ITMA Certified Tea Taster, or an ITMA Certified Tea Master.

We offer free bubble tea training class to our customers. Customers will learn the making of bubble tea drinks of all categories through our demonstrations. We pass on techniques of brewing and cooking tapioca, as well as unique recipes to customize every taste and needs. tea training classes Start your Bubble Tea Business Today: A Solid Foundation For Your Tea Business. Learn the 123's of Bubble Tea from the basics to advanced HowTo's and build up your business! Whether youre a veteran food business owner or youre just getting started, you cant go wrong with bubble tea training with Bossen's Boba Academy. Welcome to Bubble Tea Training! Here at Bubble Tea Training, we work to create the training experience you want. We offer extensive training on how to make bubble tea boba tea, teas, coffee, snow fluff and go over the business fundamentals to help you succeed. log in: Site Map Elmwood Inn Fine Teas has offered premier tea education classes and certification for Tea& Etiquette professionals since 1999 with over 450 graduates worldwide.

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