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Jul 25, 2010 Where are some NPC thief trainers? Discussion in 'UHall' started by Valerin, Jul 25, 2010.Aug 24, 2015 As a brand new player to any form of Ultima Online this guide has been helpful in assisting me with planning out my character. I have but one issue. I just don't understand how to interact with NPC's and it is making it very difficult. uo npc trainers

NPC Trainers. Many NPCs in the game offer training in various skills, using the command train . The following is a list of those NPCs and the skills each one can teach. Note: You will need to use the keyword enticement to train discordance.

Skill Training. In order to train a skill, get the NPCs attention by greeting them and then type train [skill name. The number of skill points that you will receive from training a specific skill will vary from NPC type to NPC type. For example, a Farmer NPC will teach you Resisting Spells if 1. Left Click the NPC and right click on the current target bar to get the menu or drag off their health bar and right click on it. 2. Hold the ' key and 'RIGHT CLICK' on the npc to bring up the menu. The following gump opens for the 'buy' selection. Left click the key to uo npc trainers NPC: Command: Response (Name) join Can be used with NPC thief guildmasters. They will respond with the amount of money you have to pay them to join that guild. Right after that just drop the money on the NPC to join. (Name) quit Can be used with NPC thief guildmasters.

Wiki Ultima Online Wiki Gameplay Quests Discovering Animal Training. In the stables all around Sosaria Animal Trainers have appeared. They offer a tutorial quest which also gives a reward title deed, the Ethologist. Discovering Animal Training. Quest Chain 1. uo npc trainers NPC Skill Trainers. From UO Excelsior Wiki Ultima Online Free Shard. Jump to: navigation, search. Who To See To Buy Up Your Skills Skill NPC Trainer Alchemy Alchemist, Herbalist Anatomy Healer Animal Lore Animal Trainer Animal Taming Animal Trainer Archery Bowyer Arms Lore NPC Guilds. Below are the NPC Guilds and their associated subguilds. Subguilds were intended to focus on a specialized trade or area of knowledge apart from the main guild. Had the discount system been implemented, all members within a guild would have also received discounts from subguild NPC vendors. Guild of Arcane Arts Alchemists and Mages Jul 23, 2018 Skill Trainer NPC 1. 0 A skill training NPC that opens a gump when you say train or pay gold This is a skill training NPC I made. It can be set to charge gold or to use a keyword to call the training gump if perhaps you are beta testing and want players to be able to easily change skills.

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