Japan's first bullet train line opens

2020-02-22 01:12

Shinkansen (Japanese: ) in Japanese means new trunkline or new main line, but the word is used to describe both the railway lines the trains run on and the trains themselves. In English, the trains are also known as the bullet train.World's first bullet train, made in Japan, turns 50. The first Shinkansen had a maximum speed of 210 kilometers (130 miles) per hour. The fastest trains previously, in Europe, could reach 160 kph. Today's bullet trains, in Japan and elsewhere, have reached and in some cases exceeded 300 kph (186 mph). japan's first bullet train line opens

The Length of the Bullet Train Line in Japan. Nyuto Onsen, tucked away in the mountains of northern Honshu, is one of Japan's oldest hot spring bathing spots. A night here takes one back in time to the days when Japan used thatched roofs and oil lamps. Further south, have the creature comforts of an upgrade city hotel in Sendai

Related Stories. When it launched on October 1, 1964, the worlds first highspeed rail network was known as yume no chotokkyu literally, the superexpress of dreams. The first line in Japans now worldfamous shinkansen network, which would come to With a 20, 000km network of lines and high performance, punctual trains, Japan is a train lover's paradise. If you want to maximise your time in Japan and travel quickly between the Japanese cities, opt for the highspeed Shinkansen 'Bullet Trains japan's first bullet train line opens Japanese Bullet Trains 40 Years at the Forefront. For 40 years Japanese bullet trains have stood above all other highspeed counterparts. Howard Johnston and Neil Pulling take a nostalgic look at the bullet train and how it has influenced rail today. The 700 Series forms the mainstay of Tokaido and Sanyo line services.

Mar 28, 2016  Japan Opens a Futuristic Bullet Train Line from Tokyo to Hokkaido. This weekend Japans iconic rail network launched the newest addition to its system of shinkansen bullet trains, connecting Tokyo for the first time by highspeed rail with the northern island of Hokkaido. The new Hokkaido Shinkansen travels the 825 km (513 miles) japan's first bullet train line opens

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