Aeu merit selection training

2020-02-17 13:27

Department for Education plinkAll DECD employees participating on selection panels require current merit selection training. Aboriginal representation For any role with an Aboriginal focus there should be Aboriginal representation on the panel wherever possible. AEU representative nominated by the President, AEU; aeu merit selection training

All DECS employees who participate in selection processes must initially undertake full merit selection training. The AEU requires panellists appointed as AEU nominees to undertake a brief

AEU Merit Selection Retraining Open to: If you were trained in 2014 you need to attend a retraining session before the end of January 2020 otherwise your training will be removed from the AEU system as it will no longer be valid. POLICIES REVIEWED December 2014 2 School Policy 2 AEU (SA branch) The equal opportunity representative must have undertaken equal opportunity or DECS merit selection panellist training or be willing to undertake this training at the earliest opportunity. aeu merit selection training Merit Training. The Department for Education Merit Selection Policy, Procedures and Instructions were updated in 2018, the revised policy and procedures are now available. . The AEU Merit Selection Policy and Procedures Schools and Preschools was updated and endorsed in August 2018 by Branch Council.

Job application workshops and merit selection training opportunities The Department of Education has organised upcoming professional development opportunities for aeu merit selection training July Merit Selection Training AEUDECD Panel training on merit selection for positions in DECD. Time: 7 hours Standards: 7. 2, 6. 2, 6. 3, 7. 1 April MASA conference Maths association conference. Plenary was Jayne Johnston DECD CEO. Joint AEUDepartment for Education Merit Selection Training Open to: Full day merit selection training sessions are offered for Department for Education employees who are not currently trained or whose training has lapsed. Joint AEUDECD Merit Selection Training and Retraining Sessions. Wed 27 Nov AEU Retraining Teachers Registration Board (TRB) changes for AEU TRTs Australian Education Union. Merit Instruction 4 Training All DECD employees participating on selection panels require current merit selection training. It is the professional responsibility of all employees to ensure that they are familiar with uptodate information concerning merit selection before participating on a panel.

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